Whimsy, fantasy and botanical precision – seed

Three artists celebrate the incredible intricacies found in the nature of seeds.

Striking photographic images by Josie Gritten are an inspiration and the starting point for seed, an exhibition exploring the nature of seeds, the stark beauty of the seed head, and the hopeful renewal of growth and life held within. 

Seed is an inspiring and intriguing exhibition bringing together the works of three well known Mangawhai locals. Lynn Middleton’s whimsical botanical sketches, Nicola Everett’s detailed ceramics are shown alongside Josie Gritten’s expressive and evocative photographic work. 

Josie has turned her lens to a new and compelling subject merging her interest in botany with her love of creating bold photographs. Her work in this exhibition captures the unique and intricate detail of seeds in a series of commanding and beautiful botanical images.

Nicola Everett, known for her outstanding print works and ceramics, has taken inspiration from seed forms.  Working in clay, Nicola explores the idea of hope and potential that is held within. The seed forms produced have no particular reference to any one seed in nature but are looking at the idea of ‘seed’ and its microscopic structure which at times can be quite fantastical.

In her large drawings made for seed Lynn has played with self-seeding plant forms – images based on how seeds fall to the ground, are blown by the wind, shaken free by passing animals and people and the natural explosion and drift of seed heads.  Her images for Seed are drawn with whimsy and charm, tangled seed heads capturing the wild richness of late summer.





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