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October 2019

Whimsy, fantasy and botanical precision – seed

Three artists celebrate the incredible intricacies found in the nature of seeds.

Striking photographic images by Josie Gritten are an inspiration and the starting point for seed, an exhibition exploring the nature of seeds, the stark beauty of the seed head, and the hopeful renewal of growth and life held within. 

Seed is an inspiring and intriguing exhibition bringing together the works of three well known Mangawhai locals. Lynn Middleton’s whimsical botanical sketches, Nicola Everett’s detailed ceramics are shown alongside Josie Gritten’s expressive and evocative photographic work. 

Josie has turned her lens to a new and compelling subject merging her interest in botany with her love of creating bold photographs. Her work in this exhibition captures the unique and intricate detail of seeds in a series of commanding and beautiful botanical images.

Nicola Everett, known for her outstanding print works and ceramics, has taken inspiration from seed forms.  Working in clay, Nicola explores the idea of hope and potential that is held within. The seed forms produced have no particular reference to any one seed in nature but are looking at the idea of ‘seed’ and its microscopic structure which at times can be quite fantastical.

In her large drawings made for seed Lynn has played with self-seeding plant forms – images based on how seeds fall to the ground, are blown by the wind, shaken free by passing animals and people and the natural explosion and drift of seed heads.  Her images for Seed are drawn with whimsy and charm, tangled seed heads capturing the wild richness of late summer.



Seven Impressions – 3rd annual exhibition of new works by Mangawhai Printmakers.

Opens 6pm Thursday 22 August until Wednesday 4 September

Thrilled to be one of the seven printmakers who make their mark by tradition in printmaking as well as pushing boundaries.  This exhibition will include new perspectives on how printmaking is inspired by contemporary art practice.  Seven Mangawhai based printmakers: Wendy Clifford, Chris den Hartogh, Nicola Everett, Gayle Forster, Jean Fountain, Rosina Kamphuis, Lynn Middleton.  You can see examples of my printmaking here.


Thrilled to be showing my work with three wonderful artists.  Opening Friday 26 April at 6pm until Sunday 12 May.  Come along and see wonderful and different work from each of us.  Nicola Everett, Wendy Leach, Bineta Hinton and me.  Mangawhai Artists Gallery, 45 Moir Street, Mangawhai Village. I will be showing my Iphone finger paintings – here’s an example; ‘Blue Bowl’.  You can see a gallery of the works in the exhibition here.

Latest Prints – pochoir flip

A recent print – 10 x 10 cm







Chairs, chairs, chairs October 2018


PRESSED Mangawhai Printmakers Exhibition October 2018

I am working on a series of prints which champion the tools and utensils we use in our kitchens.

The exhibition opens Friday 12 October at 6pm in the Mangawhai Artists Gallery and will show original prints by seven printmakers with a display of printmakers tools.





Exploring Collage July 2018

Winter Workshops with Mangawhai Artists 2018

Saturday 9 June to Sunday 5 August 2018

Mangawhai Artists Inc have planned a wonderful programme of Winter Workshops.  See Mangawhai Artists Learn With Us for more info and to see what I will be offering look at my workshop page here.

I am joining in the Mangawhai Artists Winter Workshop programme and will be offering
three workshops. A half day digital drawing, and Print week with Wendy Clifford and Nicola Everett.  Look below for details and on the Mangawhai Artists website.  To book contact me either using the form here or email or call me 0226941149.  Other workshops later in 2018, Contact me though if you’re interested in arranging a session.

Digital Drawing – details
Print Week – details

Easter Art Trail 2018

Saturday 31 March and Sunday 1 April

hand coloured solar etchingI will be showing my work at the Heritage Church beside Mangawhai Museum.  More information can be found here Mangawhai Artists Easter Art Tail 2018.  Open from 10am to 4pm I hope you can make it along.  there are 19 venues in  total and over 50 artists participating.  I will also have work in the Easter Member’s Exhibition at Mangawhai Artists Gallery. More info on Mangawhai Art Trail Facebook



Summer, celebrations and fresh fruit; digital illustrations

January – March 2018

Click for more digital images and another poem by Eugenio de Andrade


Inspired by drypoint

November – December 2017

I’m working on this dry point plate, it’s 230mm wide x 310mm high. This proof will be worked up with some rolled colour – watch this space for this finished print. 

I am hand colouring some details of this print in watercolour for the Mangawhai Artists Christmas exhibition.  See image below right.

Palm Tree Jug – detail from Three Vases, hand coloured dry point.  125mm wide x 120mm high.  




Euphorbia.  The image is a drypoint etching made with Nicola Everett at the recent FIVE IMPRESSIONS Print Exhibition.  85mm square





First Annual Exhibition
Saturday 14 – 24 October 2017

Wendy Clifford, Nicki Everett, Gayle Forster, Rosina Kamphuis, Lynn Middleton

Local printmakers exhibiting and demonstrating a range of fine art printmaking techniques.

Printmaking demonstrations

Sundays 15 and 22 October, on the hour from 10am – 3pm
Wednesday 18 October from 1pm

Collagraph artist proof
Lynn M

Dry point
Ukiyo-e style

Mangawhai Artists Gallery

10am – 3pm
Free entry
45 Moir Street


September 2017

I am drawing my new home and garden. I am settling in to my studio and busy working on workshops I can offer, especially for art phobics or artists wanting to build their confidence.  The aim; to turn “I can’t do art” into “I can”.

I like to explore day to day objects and still life. I am excited to be offering drawing workshops in Mangawhai Museum – loaded with wonderful objects to observe and draw.  I am also exploring new digital drawing Apps.   I enjoy capturing home and places around us, using art to enhance how we value and cherish where we live.


August 2017 

I am experimenting with the application of painted colour to enhance my printmaking. I am exploring hand painting colours before printing; see Delphiniums in the solar print section. I aim for light, depth and vibrancy by painting directly on to printed images with watercolour so each print has a unique finish; see the variety in my painting gallery. 

I explore day to day objects and still life. My home is full of art and objects, treasures and everyday things.  I enjoy the diversity of cultural artefacts and how they are valued and adopted. The belongings that fill my home connect me to people, places and memories. 


June 2014


‘Retro vase’, a solar etching, has been selected for this year’s Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries London. I explore daily objects and still life.  Home for me, is made of the art and and day to day things that we select and display.  I enjoy the diversity of cultural artefacts and how they are valued and adopted.  The belongings filling my home connect me to the people and places that matter. I enjoy making visual representations of them.



Vermillion vase (2)Throughout 2013 I have been exploring print making and concentrating on solar etching. Vermillion Vase is one of a series of large prints I have made at the Volcanic Editions studio of Ian Brown.




December 2013

Allotment - watercolour

Allotment – watercolour

Commissioned by the colleagues of Anne Bell. A thank you gift to celebrate her move to an exciting new time. [51cm x 40cm]




June 2013

Summer Paintings Lynn Middleton;

My first solo exhibition was held at the St George’s Art Gallery.





April 2013

Pacific foliage

‘Pacific Foliage’, a collagraph print has been selected to appear alongside paintings by some of Britain’s leading figurative artists in the Royal Society of British Artists annual exhibition 2013.