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September 2017

I am drawing my new home and garden. I am settling in to my studio and busy working on workshops I can offer, especially for art phobics or artists wanting to build their confidence.  The aim; to turn “I can’t do art” into “I can”.

I like to explore day to day objects and still life. I am excited to be offering drawing workshops in Mangawhai Museum – loaded with wonderful objects to observe and draw.  I am also exploring new digital drawing Apps.   I enjoy capturing home and places around us, using art to enhance how we value and cherish where we live.


August 2017 – old home page

I am experimenting with the application of painted colour to enhance my printmaking. I am exploring hand painting colours before printing; see Delphiniums in the solar print section. I aim for light, depth and vibrancy by painting directly on to printed images with watercolour so each print has a unique finish; see the variety in my painting gallery. 

I explore day to day objects and still life. My home is full of art and objects, treasures and everyday things.  I enjoy the diversity of cultural artefacts and how they are valued and adopted. The belongings that fill my home connect me to people, places and memories. 


June 2014


‘Retro vase’, a solar etching, has been selected for this year’s Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries London. I explore daily objects and still life.  Home for me, is made of the art and and day to day things that we select and display.  I enjoy the diversity of cultural artefacts and how they are valued and adopted.  The belongings filling my home connect me to the people and places that matter. I enjoy making visual representations of them.



Vermillion vase (2)Throughout 2013 I have been exploring print making and concentrating on solar etching. Vermillion Vase is one of a series of large prints I have made at the Volcanic Editions studio of Ian Brown.




December 2013

Allotment - watercolour

Allotment – watercolour

Commissioned by the colleagues of Anne Bell. A thank you gift to celebrate her move to an exciting new time. [51cm x 40cm]




June 2013

Summer Paintings Lynn Middleton;

My first solo exhibition was held at the St George’s Art Gallery.





April 2013

Pacific foliage

‘Pacific Foliage’, a collagraph print has been selected to appear alongside paintings by some of Britain’s leading figurative artists in the Royal Society of British Artists annual exhibition 2013.