I enjoy being commissioned  to produce an image specially for someone. Understanding their brief, their ideas, and knowing what it is about my work they enjoy sets me a thrilling challenge. Two recent commissions added new dimensions to my work and a project I was working on needed illustrations.

Toni commissioned me to develop a single coloured print into one that used her favourite colours together.  I used colour samples and explored colour matching and making. I met the challenge by using soft colours and not my usual bold stand out colours. I continue to explore soft, paler colours that are fresh and can hold their own with depth of colour.

Allotment - watercolour

‘Allotment’ was commissioned by the colleagues of Anne Bell, a much loved and admired woman, to farewell and thank her for her many years of work at DWP and celebrate her move to an exciting time and more time for her allotment. [51cm x 40cm]

This was a self commission.  I wrote the Tooting Cookbook and made the illustrations. A new venture that generated lots of new images. Click on Tooting Cookbook to access the pdf.